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Information on WOCCU's Haiti Disaster Relief Fund

For Immediate Release
Baton Rouge, LA-January 27, 2010

Louisiana residents have experienced firsthand the effects of a natural disaster. Throughout the events of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, credit unions around the world provided immediate support and assistance in our time of need and contributed to our rebuilding efforts. Now, in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, the credit union community must respond to this international disaster that has affected the lives of millions.

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) has activated the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund in order to provide immediate assistance to the estimated three million people that remain hurt or homeless. WOCCU has fostered relief and rebuilding efforts during past international disasters, including the Asian tsunami and earthquakes, the Philippines landslide, and earthquakes in Peru, El Salvador and Malawi. This is an international disaster that has left a country with nearly nothing. It is important that we support WOCCU's efforts in providing assistance to the victims in Haiti.

Your financial contributions will provide things that are in critical demand such as food, shelter, clothing, logistics, and search and rescue operations. There are two ways for you to make a donation:

1. To make a direct payment to WOCCU's relief fund, visit https://www.woccu.org/Haiti_relief. Donations can be made by credit card, mail, or monthly giving. 2. For those who wish to send monetary donations to the League (donations will be forwarded to WOCCU), you can mail to the following address:

The Louisiana Credit Union League
Haiti Disaster Relief Fund
824 Elmwood Park Blvd.
Harahan, LA 70123
(Make checks payable to Louisiana Credit Union League)

The best way to help right now is by monetary donations. Why not clothes, supplies, and other items? There is no way at this time to get immense quantities of clothing to the country and to the people. There is no system in place to handle the inflow and distribution of such items. The government offices have been destroyed. Clothing collected could end up stored here in warehouses for a long time and money would be spent needlessly to pay the storage. When order is re-established and systems start to kick-in, then will be the time for other items.


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