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Stay Safe this Holiday Season

10 Credit Card Safety Tips to help make your season bright!

Now that the holiday season is upon us, the shopping frenzy has begun. During this time most of us will use some form of plastic while shopping at the mall or online. As your trusted financial partner, we want you to stay safe and merry this holiday season - here are 10 tips to keep your credit cards safe:

    1. Keep credit card numbers secure. Do not give out information over the phone or online unless you are familiar with the merchant or have initiated the call. If online, please look for the SSL (Safe Secure Login) feature on the site before ordering.
    2. Safeguard your plastics - Treat your credit cards as you would your cash or any form of money.
    3. When making online purchases use your credit card over a debit card for better consumer protection.
    4. Track your usage. Keep your receipts for ATM, credit and debit card in a secure location for reconciliation purposes.
    5. Review your monthly statements to ensure all charges are accurate.
    1. In an effort to reduce fraudulent charges, do not sign the back of your card. This will require a merchant to ask for a driver's license or similar identification. You can also put see id on the back of your card since merchants use the signature line on the back of the card to verify that you are the cardholder.
    2. Report billing errors and lost or stolen cards immediately to reduce possible fraudulent activity.
    3. Carry only the credit cards you need. Reducing the number of cards you carry will decrease your exposure to loss or theft.
    4. Keep a list of your credit card numbers in a safe place (preferably a locked drawer, safe, or P.O. Box), along with the issuer's telephone number. This will be of assistance to you if your card is lost or stolen.
    5. Shred all pre-approved offers you receive in the mail before throwing the papers in the trash. Personal information may be contained on these pre-approved offers.


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