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Phone Text Fraud ALERT!

For Immediate Release
Baton Rouge, LA-January 15, 2009

Campus Federal is committed to your financial security - With today's technology and current economy, fraud attempts are on the rise and Campus Federal is working diligently to prevent fraud against our membership.

This afternoon we received a few phone calls indicating that a fraudulent text message is circulating. This text message states "Dear Credit Union Customer, After recent fraud attempts on your credit card, we need you to call (an 800 phone number) to verify your information." Campus Federal wants you to understand that we do not text our membership requesting confidential account or credit card information. If you receive any questionable text messages, please call Campus Federal immediately at 888-769-8841.

When we attempted to contact this number, it asked for our credit card number, expiration date, and security code. As a reminder- NEVER give out personal, account, or credit card information to anonymous sources. Subsequently, the 800 number referenced in the text message is no longer operational.

Please take the following precautions to help us protect your credit and debit cards from fraud:

  • Don't give out any financial information (checking account and credit/debit card numbers and your social security number) over the phone or on the Internet unless you know it is a secure site.
  • Avoid letting anyone see the entering of your personal identity numbers at ATM and point-of-sale machines.
  • Do not write on or keep your PINs with your cards.
  • Keep close guard on your receipts and store cancelled checks and new checks in a safe place.
  • If regular bills fail to reach you, please call the company to inquire why. Thieves may have filed a false change of address notice to divert your mail to their address.
  • At restaurants try to pay close attention to how your card is handled.
  • Keep close vigilant watch over your account. Monitor your account balance and history through online banking or FAC telephone access. If any foreign or suspicious transactions occur please contact a Campus Federal Representative as soon as possible!

    Campus Federal's commitment to your Financial Security:

  • We have a state-of-the-art fraud alert/prevention system that alerts us as soon as a fraud attempt occurs on your card or account.
  • Information in our system is protected by the use of firewall systems and intrusion detection software to prohibit unauthorized access. All personal and sensitive information is encrypted that is sent over the Internet.
  • We provide Free Identity Theft Coaching for all members.
  • We also offer the consumer credit monitoring service, Alert Me, that monitors your credit daily and halts ID theft before it gets out of hand.


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