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Business Product Packages

Manage your company’s total financial position conveniently, securely and easily with Business Online Banking. Choose from the two packages below to select the best solution for your business.

Standard Business Package

Our Standard Business Online Banking Package is free of charge and includes the following features:

Eligibility: All members with a business checking account (i.e. Business Basic Checking, etc.) are eligible to set up a Standard Business Online Banking Package.

Premium Business Package

Our Campus Federal Premium Business Online Banking Package offers all of the Standard Packages features, plus these advanced automated clearing and exchange capabilities:

ACH payments include:
  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Pre-authorized debits
  • Payments to vendors
  • Corporate-to-corporate payments
  • $15 Monthly Fee
  • $25 One time Set-Up Fee for ACH Services
    (Includes one-on-one training and an ACH official rule book from NACHA)

The ACH network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA OPERATING RULES, which provide for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as ACH operators, central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH entries.

Eligibility: All members with a business checking account (i.e. Business Basic Checking, etc.) are eligible. The business will need to be approved by the Business Services Department to enroll in the Premium Business Online Banking Package.

Getting Started: Complete the Business Online Banking Form or Contact a Business Representative or visit your nearest Campus Federal branch today.

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