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Meet Lynda, Assistant Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Lynda has been making homeownership a reality for many members during her 10 year tenure at Campus Federal. She’s been in the mortgage business for 40 years – her experience and knowledge does not go unnoticed by her co-workers or members she serves.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases one can make in their lifetime. It goes without saying that this process can be intimidating. Lynda, however, has mastered the art of helping people through the mortgage and home buying process. Though Lynda does not have a magic wand, she’s been able to help make dreams come true. “I love being able to help someone with a home purchase when they don’t think it is possible,” said Lynda.

As manager of Mortgage Lending at Campus Federal, Lynda and her team help members buy all types of real estate from starter homes and ‘dream’ homes to new construction and vacation homes. She prides herself on being able to assist members and provide viable options when it comes to financing a home. “When you shop for a mortgage, the typical loan is a 30 year fixed rate loan that is either guaranteed by the federal government or is sold on the secondary market to an investor.  These loans must adhere to strict guidelines as it relates to credit scores, debt to income ratios, etc. No exceptions.  Campus Federal is able to provide options that are a bit more flexible. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help someone who has been denied by multiple banks and mortgage lenders because their loan request does not fit the mold.”

“One recent example was a man who had been an electrician for many years, maintaining a significant income throughout employment, and was looking to obtain a home loan.  He had the money for a down payment and he had exemplary credit. However, he had recently gone into business for himself and because he had been self-employed for less than two years leading up to the purchase, several lenders had turned him down.  He was referred to Campus Federal and we processed the mortgage for him due to our flexibility – we look at people and their circumstances, not just the numbers. I love what I do because of stories like this.”   

This is just one example of the countless people Lynda has helped at Campus Federal. She serves our community in an important way – helping make homeownership dreams a reality. You want someone like Lynda and her team by your side when going through the mortgage and home buying process.