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Meet Mantrell, Senior Loan Officer

Creative, kind, and passionate are just a few words that describe Mantrell. She’s been working with Campus Federal for 19 years in a role that can be challenging, finding creative ways to help members on a regular basis. “Campus Federal has become my family over the past 19 years. There is a special bond among the employees – we share a common goal of wanting to help our members and the communities we serve.”

Mantrell’s responsibilities involve providing lending guidance, reviewing applications and ensuring policies are followed.  Additionally, she provides financial counseling to members. As you can imagine, Mantrell has helped many people during her tenure at Campus Federal with many experiences as impactful to her as they are to the members she serves.

Mantrell recently spoke of an experience she will not soon forget.

“An experience I recall frequently involved last year’s flood in Baton Rouge and the overwhelming number or requests for assistance we received. One of our members could not get financing anywhere and needed to have a car in order to get to and from work. Her car had flooded and she needed to purchase a new one. She called me and said, “Mantrell, you’re my only hope.” I explained her situation to our VP of Lending and together we developed a plan to get her the assistance she needed. I was so glad that I could make a real difference….that’s what’s important to me.”

Mantrell has many stories like this. The combination of her expertise and dedication to helping others is a true benefit to our community. If you ever need assistance with lending or would like some financial counseling be sure to ask for Mantrell when you call Campus Federal.