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Meet the Masons

Meet the Masons…Erica and Kathy Mason that is.  

Kathy, Assistant Vice President, Member Relations Center Manager, and Erica, Branch Operations Manager, are a part of the Campus Federal team that keeps the Member Relations Center running like a fine-tuned clock.

Kathy and Erica are caring, experienced, and knowledgeable, while providing Campus Federal Members with the best service. All of the incoming telephone calls and digital requests are handled by our Member Relations Center. Kathy, Erica, and our Member Relations team members are an integral part of the personal service our members receive.

When speaking to Erica or Kathy it’s easy to see that they excel at their jobs – but it goes beyond that, they enjoy helping people and giving back.   “I love the fact that we strive each day to help people, and make a difference in people’s lives,” said Erica.

Between Kathy’s 21 years and Erica’s 18 years at Campus Federal, they have many interesting stories and memorable moments. “We work with great people who support each other and enjoy helping others,” said Erica. “Our goal is to listen,” said Kathy when speaking about her role assisting members on a daily basis.

Their job is very rewarding but sometimes it can be challenging. Here’s a memorable experience recounted by Kathy:

“I assisted a member who was not very familiar with using computers, who just purchased a new computer. She wanted to access her accounts via Online Banking and use Bill Pay.  I was able to successfully walk her through the setup process. However, she had some issues with the Bill Pay feature and couldn’t see the ‘Submit’ option on her screen. During our call, which lasted well over an hour, she grew increasingly frustrated, and needed to pay some bills that day. During our call, I noticed that she lived near me. I had assisted her many times previously. I asked her if it would be okay to come to her home to assist in this matter, and she agreed. The member was so grateful and I was able to resolve the issue.” 

For Kathy and Erica this story isn’t unusual. Sometimes explaining things over the phone can be a difficult task – it’s not as easy as it may seem. They provide world class service which sometimes requires creative and out-of-the-box thinking. We’re so happy to have ‘the Masons’ on the Campus Federal team!