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Meet Molly, Financial Service Representative

Molly has been a part of our Campus Federal Team for almost 18 years.  Many of our team members go out of their way to help and serve our members. However, Molly goes far beyond the norm. If you get a chance to sit across the desk from Molly or speak to her on the phone, you’ll soon understand what we mean.

This recent encounter describes her best. During a discussion with a long-time member about his living situation, they spoke about how crime was continuing to increase.  Previously, he told Molly that he was looking for an RV he could afford to move to a more desirable location.   He and Molly had been working on finding an affordable RV; she continued to keep an eye out sending him a few leads. Finally, it had seemed that he had found what he was looking for and came to Molly to get started with the financing.  As Molly was assisting him, she noticed there were some concerns about the title and the price of the RV seemed a little high. Unfortunately, after researching further this particular RV wasn’t going to work out.

A little while later, on her way to work, she spotted another RV that seemed to fit exactly what he was looking for; she stopped, looked at and took pictures of the RV to bring to the member. The RV she found was in better condition and would save him over $10,000. She talked to him about it and he went to look at it himself and loved it. Once she got the green light from him that this was the one, Molly worked with the current owners, helped coordinate the sale, prepared the documents, and reminded him to call his insurance company first to make sure it would be covered and affordable. Today, we’re happy to report that he is all moved in and settled into his new RV.

As a Financial Service Representative, Molly helps members understand financial products and works with them to find solutions that best meet their needs.  She opens accounts, processes loan applications, and every now and then she helps a member find an RV to purchase.  

Not many people would go to these lengths to assist someone, but that’s just how we operate at Campus Federal. Molly is just one example. “I like that it feels like an extended family, that there is compassion for each other in times of need and genuine concern for each other’s wellbeing,” Molly said recently when discussing her work and coworkers.

You can find Molly assisting members at our branch on LSU’s Main Campus. Stop by and say hi. You will likely be pleasantly surprised, and get more than you hoped for.