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Mortgage Loan Originators

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 ("SAFE Act"), was passed on July 30, 2008. The legislation was designed to enhance consumer protection and reduce mortgage fraud by requiring mortgage loan originators (MLOs) to be either registered with the government or licensed by the states. The Act requires MLOs who work for an insured depository to be registered through a program developed and maintained by the federal banking regulators. Each Campus Federal MLO is assigned a unique number. To view additional information, please visit: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org

Campus Federal Mortgage Loan Originators

Last Name First Name MLO Number
Ayala Kayla M. 1012986
Barbier Jude 1185176
Bielitz Julie B. 717468
Bishop Hollie C. 702396
Brown Molly S. 652288
Galatas Meagan Grace 662856
Gera Santosh S. 698909
Geran Mallery D. 793186
Hawkins LaShawntra T. 1000806
Holmes Malcolm S. 1420436
Hooper Robin L. 792333
Johnson Mantrell S. 1018983
Kinnard Rita N. 685675
Lancaster Emalee 1372814
LeBlanc Wendy E. 681385
LeJeune Cindy Z. 657616
Merchant Jean A. 555671
Miller Richard C. 1158209
Morrissey Betty S. 791116
Mouton Jeremiah P. 920487
Murphy Sharon 1611587
Noel IV Jules J. 1097990
Paddie Donald B. 1222893
Parker Jauslynne S. 1333881
Penedo Melinda L. 798328
Primeaux Justin D. 1310906
Provenzano Lynda G. 649041
Rampmaier Jason G. 660737
Richardson Trencia 1513589
Ridgley Quiana 1444467
Sanders Damica S. 686976
Shavers Derrick J. 657642
Sistrunk Laurie 466058
Schell Chad A. 1463299
Smith Jeanne C. 699150
Smith Jenny C. 754722
Tarleton Carla M. 702380
Tullier Amelie G. 657745
Vicknair Nichole 721579
Welch Elise M. 684268
Westerman Heidi A. 792465
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