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To err is human; to know about it quickly is smart. Life can become a little overwhelming these days, so it's understandable to make a mistake on your account balance once in a while. If this has ever happened to you - you know the importance of timely notification. Our e-notesSM service can make an "oops" moment a little less painful and embarrassing.

e-NotesSM provides a notification via email, text messaging or a secured message, saving you embarrassment and costly fees. You can modify e-notesSM to inform you of activities within your accounts, such as changes in your share balance, loan balance, check status, deposits/withdrawals, certificate maturity, and more.

To sign up for e-notesSM simply log into Online Banking and click on the e-notesSM link under the options menu. E-notesSM will notify you when certain pre-configured conditions are met. Simply set up the account or transaction activity conditions that you would like the system to "tell you when" and you will be notified when the condition is met.

Types of alerts available:

  • Share/Checking Account: Notifies you of share account balance and available balance changes.
  • Loan Account: Notifies you of loan account balance changes.
  • Transaction: Notifies you of varying transaction activity, including: next deposit; next withdrawal; next transaction with a specific description; next transaction above or below a specified amount.
  • Check Status: Notifies you when a specific check has cleared your account.
  • Check Status by Range: Notifies you when a range of checks has cleared your account.
  • Certificate Maturing: Notifies you when a certificate has matured.
  • Reminder: Free-form text reminder that will notify you on a specific date.

To access this feature: Log into Online Banking, simply select the e-notesSM from the Options drop-down menu.

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