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External Funds Transfer

With our external funds transfer service you can transfer funds electronically from the convenience of your computer or smart phone! You can transfer funds between any of your accounts at over 28,000 financial institutions within the United States. You can also send and receive money to or from anyone with an email address or mobile number. This service located within Online Banking, enables you to send or receive funds from external accounts and from a third party.*

Accessing the External Funds Transfer Portal within Online Banking
To access the portal, click on External Funds Transfer under the Transfer tab. Once in the Portal, select the account or person you would like to send money from and to under Transfer Money.

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Transfer Money

  • Select From:
    Transfer funds in or out of your Campus Federal checking account to another financial institution.
  • Select To:
    Send funds to or request to receive payments from a third party's account at Campus Federal or any other financial institution.

  • To set up an account or person for transfers, please visit the Manage Accounts and People Link before you begin.
  • A full list of FAQs can be found in portal under the Help section.


*Must be enrolled in Online Banking and have an active checking account.
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