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ThirtyNorth Investments

Our Philosophy
We manage your investments as if they were our own. We do this without charging you commissions, trading costs, or other difficult to understand and sometimes hidden fees. How do we do this at ThirtyNorth Investments? Simple. We are independent. We do not answer to a corporation. We answer only to you.

Our Fees
Our fee is simple to understand. We charge 1% or less of assets that we manage for you each year. That's it! You can determine how well we are doing for you simply by reviewing your performance figures on your easy to read statement. There are never any penalties (except IRS imposed penalties) associated with your accounts, and you are free to make withdrawals whenever you like.*

Type of Accounts

We will help you determine the best type of account for your assets.

  • Tax Efficient
    (Individual, Community Property, Trust, Custodial)
  • Tax Deferred
    (IRA, SEP, IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Profit-Sharing Plan, Pension, 401(k), 403(b), No-Load Annuity)
  • Tax Free**

Our Strategies

ThirtyNorth Investments takes the stress out of investing. After meeting with you, listening to your needs, and assessing your risk tolerance, we will recommend one of our five simple investment strategies:

Benchmark to Beat:
100% S&P 500 Index^

Benchmark to Beat:
80% S&P 500 Index
20% LB Agg Index^

Benchmark to Beat:
60% S&P 500 Index
40% LB Agg Index^

Benchmark to Beat:
40% S&P 500 Index
60% LB Agg Index^

Benchmark to Beat:
20% S&P 500 Index
80% LB Agg Index^

100% LB Agg Index^

Our Process

After many years of refining our simple, yet effective method of managing investments, we have developed a process for creating and maintaining our five simple investment strategies:

Step 1
Utilizing a top down global approach we examine historical relationships between asset classes and build model portfolios with a goal of minimizing historical risk for the expected return.

Step 2
We apply economic foresight to the models created in Step 1 and adjust the percentages accordingly.

Step 3
We research money managers using advanced screening tools to select those that are best suited to manage investments for each asset class.

Step 4
We personally interview the top managers and/or their staff. Upon completion of this process we finish building our models.

Step 5
We continually monitor our models to make sure they are consistently invested in a manner we feel is suitable for the future. We also monitor the fund managers to make sure they are managing their fund well relative to their peers and their benchmark.

For more information on ThirtyNorth Investments please visit our Web site or call us at 225-757-8007.

*Mutual fund internal costs and annual custodial fees for retirement accounts are not part of ThirtyNorth Investments' fee.
**Only if all IRS requirements are met on use and spending.
^S&P 500 Index is a stock index and LB Agg Index is a bond index. Strategies' goals are to beat benchmarks on an annualized basis. All strategies may result in a loss of principal.

Please note: the products offered through ThirtyNorth Investments (1) are not federally insured; (2) are not obligations of Campus Federal Credit Union; (3) are not guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity; and (4) involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal.
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