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Smart Care

Campus Federal Smart Care enables you to afford the treatments and procedures not covered by insurance policies. It is important to receive the care you and your family need in a timely manner. With Smart Care, you can start treatment and care immediately and pay over time with low minimum monthly payments. Every Smart Care transaction is eligible for an interest free (if paid within the promotional period) or a low interest smart payment plan.

Smart Care Benefits:

  • Offers a convenient way to pay for healthcare.
  • Pay for those other healthcare expenses for you and your entire family (even the family pet) without having to reapply.*
  • Designed as a revolving line of credit to help you pay for healthcare expenses that are not covered by your insurance, Smart Care will not affect your insurance coverage in anyway.
  • Easy application process at your medical provider's office.

Smart Care Brochure

Smart Care Participating Providers (Please click for a list of participating providers)

Interested in being a Smart Care user? Refer your doctor, dentist, or vet today so they too can become a Smart Care provider!

*Subject to credit approval. Payment program can be used at any provider who participates in the Smart Care Network.

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