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Electronic Services Made Easy

Need a crash course in Campus Federal's electronic services? These tips will give you the necessary information to assist with all of your electronic needs - receiving daily account balance alerts, monitoring access to your online banking, and much more.

Alternate Login

Remembering a random set of numbers can be cumbersome, but what if you could log in to your online banking account with memorable credentials that you created? That's all it takes with Campus Federal's Alternate Login.

To create an Alternate Login:

  1. Log in to online banking with your current credentials.
  2. Within online banking, go to Options > Account Info.
  3. This screen has several options for a customizable online banking experience, including "Alternate Login."
  4. The "Alternate Login" section allows you to create your own User ID*. (The ID must be at least five (5) characters long and include at least one (1) alpha character.)**
  5. The next time you log in to online banking, your Alternate Login can be used in the "Member Number" field instead of your member number. Then you can continue to log in to online banking just as you normally do.
  6. Once your Alternate Login is created, either the member number or the new Alternate Login can be used to access online banking.

* If your first Alternate Login choice is used by another member, you will need to choose another.
** A best practice is to consider using something that is very unique and cannot be easily guessed by someone else.


(Originally published in April 2014 Newsletter - click here for more tips)

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