. Campus Federal - Online Banking Changes - 2016
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Online Banking

Steps to Log In to Online Banking for existing Online Banking users.

1. Log In to Online Banking by putting in your current Username and click 'Log In'.

2. Enter your Temporary Password by following the instructions on the 'Password Reset' page.


3. Choose your Password and confirm.

You will use this password for all future logins.


4. Choose your Security Questions and Answers.


You will be asked to provide answers to your security questions the next time you log in, as well as any time you log in on an unsaved device. The answers you provide are NOT case sensitive. You cannot use the same answer for multiple questions.


If you get unfamiliar security questions on future logins, please verify that you are entering the correct Username.

5. Choose your Confidence Image and your Image Secret.

The image and image secret you select will always be displayed before you enter your password during login. You will see you Image Secret with your Image when logging in. You will need to enter the text as a part of the login process.


6. Confirm Contact Information.

Review the email address and phone number we have on file for you. If contact information is missing or needs to be corrected, update the information in the field before you continue.


Select your time zone. The time zone you select will affect how times are displayed within Online/Mobile Banking, as well as for alerts & recent login activity.

7. Terms and Conditions

After selecting ‘I Agree’ and clicking ‘Continue’, the login process is complete and you will be able to begin using Online Banking.

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