Graduation cap on a pile of money

Your Roadmap to Financial Wellness: Personalized Courses & Expert Guidance

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of various concepts relating to the management of money, including topics like personal finance, credit and investing, in order to make informed and effective decisions with financial resources. 

  • Build confidence: Gain knowledge and skills to manage your money wisely.
  • Reach your goals: Develop a personalized plan for saving, investing and debt management.
  • Make informed decisions: Understand key financial concepts to avoid costly mistakes.

At Campus Federal, we strive to make a difference in our members’ lives and provide more than financial services. Achieve your goals and register in our Campus Federal Financial Fitness Center to choose your customized Financial Wellness online course modules and learn strategies to help you succeed on your personal financial journey.

In addition to our online courses, we also provide a variety of in-person financial education courses. If you're a part of the LSU, Our Lady of the Lake or FranU communities, check with your HR department and ask to join one of our in-person presentations on an array of financial topics. To learn more about our in-depth 12-Week LSU Workplace Financial Literacy Program, click here.