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Loan Extension Request Form

  • This form is used when a member needs to request an extension on their loan payment due to financial hardship. In the case of a request related to a natural disaster or COVID-19, please let us know in a few words in the last field of the form how you have been affected. **Due to the high volume of requests related to COVID-19, there will be a longer than usual wait time for our response to Loan Extension Requests. Please do not submit the form more than once. We are not able to verify receipt of your application by telephone at this time. Thank you for your patience.**

Campus Federal Skip-A-Payment Program

These forms are for Campus Federal members in good standing to request to skip one monthly payment on eligible loans.*

For Borrowers
For Co-Borrowers
Downloadable Skip-A-Payment Form

*The Campus Federal Skip-A-Payment Program allows members to skip a loan payment once a year on eligible loans with a Skip-a-Payment fee of $30 per loan. Members in good standing who have paid their loan obligations as agreed for a minimum 12-month period are eligible to request to Skip-A-Payment. This program does not apply to loans during the first twelve (12) months of the loan agreement. Only one (1) Skip-A-Payment per calendar year/per loan is allowed. Members must be current on all loans with Campus Federal at the time of the skip request. Business loans, credit cards and mortgage loans are not eligible for this program.

Mastercard® Skip-A-Payment Program

The Mastercard Skip-A-Payment Program* period is December and January of each year. This is a benefit offered to our members at no cost to participate (Business Mastercard and SmartCare Line of Credit loans are excluded from the program). If your account is eligible, you may skip December and/or January payments with no fees. Your Mastercard account must be in good standing and you must opt-in (only one opt-in is necessary for the life of the Line of Credit via our Authorization Form to participate in the program). 

Once you have opted-in, you will see $0.00 due on your December and January statements if you are in good standing. There is nothing more you need to do, you may simply skip your payments these months.

Authorization Form - This form is for Campus Prestige or Campus Rewards Mastercard members in good standing to opt-in to participate in the Skip-A-Payment Program. The deadline to opt-in to skip December payments is 12/1 (of each year); the deadline to opt-in to skip January payments is 1/1 (of each year).

*Campus Federal reserves the right to cancel the Mastercard Skip-A-Payment Program at any time. If you wish to opt out of the program after you have opted in, contact us at least 10 days prior to the December credit card cycle date. Interest due on your Mastercard balance during December and January will continue to accrue. The accrued interest will be deducted from your February Mastercard payment. Your February minimum payment will be calculated by first adding any fees or finance charges to the outstanding balance, multiplying this amount by 3% and, if applicable, adding any amount over the credit limit. Business Mastercard and SmartCare Lines of Credit loans are not eligible for the Skip-A-Payment Program offer. If you do not wish to take advantage of this special offer, simply make your monthly payment or pay your balance in full by the due date each month.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

  • This form allows members to setup electronic transfers between other financial institutions and Campus Federal Credit Union.

  • This form is used when a member needs to notify a vendor of an account number change.


  • Complete and submit when checks have been paid from an account that were not written or authorized by you.

  • Complete and submit when plastic card transactions not authorized by the member have been paid from an account.

  • Complete and submit when a plastic card transaction that was authorized by the member is paid from an account for an incorrect amount (i.e., ATM transactions, posted twice in error, non-receipt of merchandise, etc.)

  • Complete and submit when a Zelle® transaction has been paid from an account that was not authorized by you.

Direct Deposit

Loan Coupon

Tax Forms

  • Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)

  • Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification