Pay with Points with Pay with Rewards from PayPal is now available for cardholders to manually add their uChoose Rewards cards to their PayPal wallet.

Once registered cardholders add their uChoose Rewards card to their PayPal wallet, they can pay for purchases with uChoose Rewards points at the point of sale wherever PayPal is accepted. There are no minimum point balances to meet, and a cardholder can choose how many points, if any, to apply to a purchase. If there are insufficient points to pay for a purchase or if cardholders prefer not to use all their points, the balance of the purchase can be paid with the cardholder’s uChoose Rewards-enrolled card in PayPal wallet.

We have attached a PDF of the expected cardholder experience to help your teams understand the process and more readily answer cardholder questions.

Within the uChoose Rewards Admin tool, we have checked the Pay with Points redemption option for all participating uChoose Rewards clients so your cardholders start seeing the links when they log into their uChoose Rewards online account.

Required Cardholder Actions

1. Register with uChoose Rewards

To ensure cardholders have a smooth Pay with Points experience, please remind all cardholders they must register (or already be registered) for the uChoose Rewards program, which requires accepting the program Terms & Conditions. Without registering, cardholders can still add their uChoose Rewards enrolled card to their PayPal wallet but will not see a balance nor be able to spend points. To help educate cardholders and drive registration for uChoose Rewards, we have created campaigns online, available from Impact Marketing and Beavercreek. To access these materials, log in to your online account and choose:

  • Impact Marketing – Look for the “Reward Yourself” Campaign
  • Beavercreek – Look for marketing material under “Marketing for Use Anytime”

2. Manually Add uChoose Card to PayPal Wallet

UChoose Rewards-registered cardholders can now add their enrolled cards to their PayPal wallet to start using points wherever PayPal is accepted.

Once cardholders add their card to their PayPal wallet, they will receive confirmation both on-screen and through email that the card is available and eligible to use uChoose Rewards points as part of any PayPal transaction.

3. Coming Soon: Automatic Enrollment for Cards Already in PayPal Wallet

For registered cardholders who have already added their uChoose Rewards card to their PayPal wallet, no further action is required at this time. Starting in the next week, those cards will automatically be matched between PayPal and uChoose Rewards in the background. Eligible cardholders will then receive email notification announcing they can see their uChoose Rewards balance when selecting that card in their PayPal wallet and can start spending points as part of PayPal purchases. During this time, please remind all cardholders they must be registered in uChoose Rewards.

Marketing Pay with Points Participation

We have also created digital assets for you to market participation in the uChoose Rewards: Pay with Points program, available from Impact Marketing and Beavercreek. To access these materials, log in to your Impact Marketing or Beavercreek account, then click on the links below.

  • Impact Marketing: Look for the “Pay with Points” campaign in the uChoose Rewards folder
  • Beavercreek: Look for the “Pay with Points” campaign under the uChoose Rewards folder

uChoose PayPay User Guide

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