Everywhere you look, it seems like prices are higher than ever. Gas? Outrageous. Groceries? Sky high. When everything is so expensive, it’s time to tap into your savings skills. Here are some simple shopping tips to help you stay within your monthly budget.

Shop Seasonally
You can save money at the grocery store by buying what’s in season. For example, during the summer, berries, watermelon, corn and tomatoes are all in season. They’ll be cheaper than other produce. This goes for other “summer-like” foods, such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Things like bug spray and even sunblock are also the cheapest prices they’ll be in the summer. Keep in mind that seasonal shopping doesn’t work for clothing — you’ll want to buy clothes out of season to save in that department.

Be Patient
If you need to buy a big-ticket item — like a refrigerator or a computer — it can pay to be patient. If you can, wait on expensive items to go on sale before purchasing. Appliances are usually discounted on Labor Day. Meanwhile, computers are marked down when the newer model debuts. Wait things out to get the most bang for your buck.

Make a List
You should always make a list before shopping, but with prices so high now, this can be a lifesaver. Creating a list will help you focus. When you’re unfocused, you’re more likely to buy items that you don’t necessarily need.

Get Creative
As US News reports, you can save money at the pump if you’re willing to get creative. Use a gas app like GasBuddy to locate the cheapest gas. You can also use Google Maps’ fuel efficiency tool — a little green leaf will appear next to the most fuel-friendly route. The more tools you have in your savings belt, the longer your money will last.