Campus Federal celebrated Match Day with the LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine Class of 2023 as a sponsor of their annual event. Match Day is the culmination of months of interviewing for graduating medical students with academic health centers and hospitals that have residency programs. The graduating students, their families and friends gathered last month at the Audubon Tea Room to celebrate the graduating students’ next phase of their education – Residency. The excitement in the room was infectious. Graduates anxiously checked their phones while family members waited with anticipation to find out which Residency Program their student “matched” and where they would go for their graduate medical education.

Pictured (L to R): Catherine Hebert, MD, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency, Co-Director, Clinical Science Curriculum; Cathy J. Lazarus, MD, Associate Dean, Student Affairs; Melanie Brown, Director, Student Affairs; Janet Kratzberg, Campus Federal Business Development Officer