Campus Federal Credit Union hosted its 19th Annual LSU Workplace Financial Education Program Awards Ceremony this week on campus at the LSU Energy, Coastal and Environmental Building. In coordination with LSU, Campus Federal provides financial education courses that are available to their faculty, staff and students year-round. However, every Fall Campus Federal facilitates a formal program called the Workplace Financial Literacy Program for staff. This year was the largest graduating class with 46 graduates from LSU Residential Life, Landscape Services and Facility Services.

During the 12-week course, they learn about various topics like Building a Better Relationship with your Financial Institution, Saving, Budgeting, Loans, Credit, Online Money Coach, Investments, Home Ownership and much more. The graduates spent over 650 hours combined with in-class presentations and out of class assignments. Upon successful completion, Campus Federal and LSU host an awards ceremony where friends and family are invited to celebrate their graduates' accomplishments. Post ceremony, graduates receive $200 each to open a savings account at Campus Federal. It can be the beginning of an emergency fund or the beginning of saving for something special like a down payment on a house.

Pictured: Campus Federal and LSU staff with the 2023 graduates.