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Campus Federal welcomes the opportunity to serve anyone who is eligible through affiliation with LSU, Business Partners (Select Employee Groups), family members; or those who live, work or worship in the city of Baton Rouge, Orleans Parish or the MSA of Shreveport, including Caddo, Bossier and Webster Parishes.

Open an account and start your membership online or contact a Campus Federal Representative today.

If you are not eligible to join Campus Federal through any of the associated groups or affiliations, you may be eligible for membership through the American Consumer Council (ACC) if you live in Louisiana. The ACC is a nonprofit advocacy group established in 1987 to protect consumers. Please visit ACC to enroll.

Open your account and start your membership with:

1. Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID or a State issued ID.

2. Payment of the one-time nonrefundable membership fee of $10.

3. The purchase of one share, par value of $5, in any deposit account. This share must remain on deposit for the duration of your membership.


For membership, you must meet eligibility requirements. If you open and close an account within six (6) months of membership date, a fee will be charged. Refer to the Campus Federal Credit Union Fee Schedule document for a current listing of fees/charges. The membership will not be reopened for a period of six (6) months.