Digital Services Security

Recent Login Activity

View all activity that has occurred within your Online Banking site, such as: date, time and browser that has accessed your account. To view activity, select ‘Profile’ under ‘Settings’ and see your ‘Recent Login Activity’.

Add or Edit Contact Information

To add, view or edit your mailing address, phone numbers and email address within Online Banking, simply select ‘Contact’ under ‘Settings’ to see what records are on file.

Multi-factor Authentication(MFA)

For additional security to keep your account safe, we offer various options for you to receive one-time login codes via email, text, voice call and authentication apps.

Secure Messaging

This feature allows Campus Federal to send updates about your account or our services.

You can use Messages to send a secure (SSL encrypted) message to be answered by Campus Federal. This protects your sensitive financial information, such as account numbers and balances. Access Messages by selecting ‘Messages’ under your Username on the top bar.

Customize Your Account

Customize your experience, select ‘Settings’ in the menu under your Username to customize your Profile, Security, Themes, Contact, Accounts and more. Use Accounts to adjust the way accounts are displayed throughout Online Banking and give your accounts nicknames.